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KC Deeyas

Food Truck Festivities

Perfect Wedding Menu:

1)Grilled Chicken Adobo Taco Meal

Spanish Rice, Seasoned Black Beans)

2) Cheese Quesadilla

3) Mexican Gumbo

4) Vegan Option- Salad

Celebration Menu:

1) Grilled Chicken Adobo Tacos

2) Ground Sirloin Taco Seasoned        Tacos

3) Carnita (Pork) Tacos

4) Cheese Quesadilla

5) Super Nachos

6) Vegan Salad/ Vegetarian Tacos

Luncheon/Dinner Menu:

1) Grilled Chicken Adobo Taco Meal

Spanish Rice, Seasoned Black Beans)

2) Ground Sirloin Taco Seasoned Meal Spanish Rice, Seasoned Black Beans)

3) Mexican Gumbo

4) Vegetarian Taco/Vegan Salad

Casual Celebration Menu:

1) Grilled Chicken Adobo Tacos

2) Ground Sirloin Taco Seasoned        Tacos

3) Carnita (Pork) Tacos

4) All Quesadilla(s) on Menu

5) Super Nachos

6) Vegetarian Taco/Vegan Salad

  • Having a Party, Corporate Luncheon, Celebration???

Call us and don’t worry about another thing. ..And enjoy your party!

Why do you have KC Deeyas Food Truck at your next Celebration:

         1) We do all the work, while you get to enjoy your guests & PARTY... also, we are fun, and Professional.

         2) You don't have to make any decisions...

                   a) What should I make/buy- when will I do all the buying and preparation???

                   b) How much should I make / buy?

                   c) What party utensils/plates/ napkins, serving trays, chaffing dishes, crock pots etc- what all do I need to get???

         3) We have a  wide variety menu for all your guests, Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian, Lactose Intolerant, Gluten Free...

How does it work:

         1) You call us to make sure we have the date and time open; (913-244-8875) we run about 2-3 months out)

         2) We decide on the best menu for your event and number of guests.

         3) Ensure there is a place to park the truck (flat, easy access, etc)

         4) We book the date and send a confirmation email- No deposit- no fuss- that's how we roll!

What Happens on the Day of Event, Celebration, Festivities!

        1) We will show up approximately 2 hours before the service window opening to prepare the menu items selected.

        2) We will open our window at designated time and serve your guests through the window as they order from our menu.

        3) Guests will enjoy a delicious array of menu items, all fresh with a Mexican flare!

        4) After 2 hours of service we will pack up and leave- no pick up for you, no packing leftovers, no dishes, just you                          enjoying  your festivities and guests.

When and how does KC Deeyas charge?

        1) We require a $1000 minimum. We will sum the total orders after the event, if the minimum is not met the host                             makes up the difference. i.e if total orders = $920, host is charged sum of orders of $920 + $80 to reach minimum                      of $1000.

         2) Our menu items, from our menu page is what is charged, we do not charge a flat (i.e $15) per guest charge as we                      know guests  come is all types and appetites, If a guest orders $5 quesadilla, that is what is charged, if  a guest orders              a Cowboy Quesadilla ($7) with a side of Orange Sauce ($1) and a Grilled Chicken Adobo Taco ($3.50), $11.50 is                      charged.

          3) All Menu item prices have taxes included so no additional tax amount is charged.

          4) Gratuity and Service charge of 18% charged on total charged (total orders or minimum)

          5) Cash, Check and Charge accepted. Host will receive an invoice with total and detail of orders via email.


        1) With current menu choices, what is the approximate number of guest to reach minimum?

              A) Usually 100- 110 guests will reach minimum as our menu and history averages $10/guest

         2) How long has KC Deeyas been in business?

              A) We started KC Deeyas in April of 2016, and have done hundreds of events with great reviews and repeat business.

         3) How many orders can you fulfill?

              A) We've learned a lot from our past years. From the below sample menus we can take and fulfill 100 orders/hour.