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KC Deeyas is a Kansas City Food Truck, owned and operated by Jerry and Christy Frederes in Louisburg, KS. Jerry grew up in the food industry. He started in the family owned business of Taco Johns, working there from from High School to College and after. Eventually the family owned a full service restuarant in Overland Park, KS, Caballeros, where Jerry managed the menu and kitchen. As restaurants go, the business was closed and Jerry moved to other careers, with food remaining a passion.

Christy grew up in New Mexico, where it seemed  every dish came with green chile, fresh tortillas and beans. After college and  moving away from New Mexico, she rarely found a Mexican restaurant that was like home, but always enjoyed and appreciated fresh homemade food of any variety.

Jerry and Christy met in Kansas City and married and started a family. They centered their lives around family, friends and food. Through out their married years of cooking many meals together they would often say " Put it on the Menu" after mastering an invented meal  that was delicious. They knew they never wanted a restaurant as it was not a family friendly career, but early on started dreaming of a Food Truck as just a thought. That thought is now reality as they have KC Deeyas and are working the family dream business.

We would love to bring our unique menu of Mexican food with a flair  to you and your family. Look to see where we are or if you have a family gathering celebration, we would love to share the event with you and yours.